Saturday, July 9, 2011

Nude Heels and Necklace Charms.

I went shopping today at the mall and these are the shoes and jewelry I bought. Aside from this stuff I got a book and other small things. 

Necklace Charms
Strength Bracelet
 Nude Heels <3 

Shoes: Forever 21 - $22.80
Necklace Charms & Strength Bracelet: A little cart in the mall - $1 each. (Store closing  sale)

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Pops of Pink

I haven't been sewing in a long time and I've recently been addicted to fashion bloggers so I decided that I'd share an outfit that was inspired by this hot pink nail polish I bought for my trip to Galveston a week ago.

I love these heels but I haven't worn them in over a year. They are one of the only pair of open toe shoes that I like and I find them pretty comfortable.

This is a pearl necklace my aunt gave me. I also tied a blue shoelace and a white long piece of tee shirt together into a bow.

This is a purse I bought at a place called Trader's Village near my house. It holds absolutely everything and I can actually fit my 7 month old puppy (Duchshund/Papillion mix so he's kinda small) in it and I find him sleeping on top of it all the time.

I only spent about $20 on it and I love this purse.

Shirt: Miley Cyrus & Max Azria at Walmart
Shorts: Bullhead pants that were my little sister's. I cut them into shorts and I love them.
Shoes: Charlotte Russe {I bought them for like $12 at Plato's closet and they looked brand new.}

Saturday, February 12, 2011

My Valentine's Day Dress

I finished my Valentine's Day Dress that doubled as my entry for the craftster Super Ugly to Super Awesome challenge.


Bonus picture with my cat:
We match :)

This dress took me forever to finish and was really frustrating at times but it turned out really great. I plan to wear it to me and my boyfriend's Valentine's day dinner and it's one of the dresses that I'm taking with me when I get my senior pictures done. :) Super excited. I love this dress and I'm super proud of myself.
The before picture:

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Older Creations - Jewelry

A bracelet made out of tiny yo-yo flowers that were hot glued to a hair tie.

These are the washer necklaces that I made some friends for Christmas.

A plain bracelet that I threaded two ribbons, a pink one and a white one, through to make it cuter and girly-er.

Earrings made from a set of two golden colored safety pins and two Christmas ornament hooks.

The three pop top bracelets that I've made so far. I still have an entire burger king cup full of tabs to make stuff with though.

A heart piece from a pair of earrings that I wrapped white string around and attached to a necklace chain to make a cute necklace.

These were made from the center of two floppy disks and pieces of a pair of earrings that I wouldn't wear.

I made these earrings out of the corners of a floppy disk and the earring hooks are from a pair of ugly earrings that I would never wear.

This is the necklace I made out of the frames from a pair of RealD 3D glasses from the movie theater.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Sewing and Crafting 2011 - Projects List (Kinda)

  1. WAILORD PLUSHIE (for a friend
  2. Simple "Little Black Dress"
  4. Fetus Jumpdrive
  5. JACKASS- Bleach Dyed Shirt
  7. tee-shirt recon
  9. Tadpole Plushie
  10. PURSE!
  11. Senior Year Scrapbook.
  12. duct tape hair bows
  14. Princess Bubblegum Dress
  16. Photography
  17. Cute shirt made out of a men's button up dress shirt.
  19. Recon a kid's shirt (supaheroes?)
  20. MORE Tube Top Tutus
  21. Striped Summer Dress
  22. RUFFLES.
  23. Pockets (In a shirt?)
  25. Panties ;)
  26. POP art skirt
  27. Sweater SHORTS and 
  28. Sweater dress
This is as far into the list as I can go for now. It's all I could think of. I'll be posting each thing that I make on here. And occasionally I'll post one of my older pieces of work.