Saturday, January 29, 2011

Older Creations - Jewelry

A bracelet made out of tiny yo-yo flowers that were hot glued to a hair tie.

These are the washer necklaces that I made some friends for Christmas.

A plain bracelet that I threaded two ribbons, a pink one and a white one, through to make it cuter and girly-er.

Earrings made from a set of two golden colored safety pins and two Christmas ornament hooks.

The three pop top bracelets that I've made so far. I still have an entire burger king cup full of tabs to make stuff with though.

A heart piece from a pair of earrings that I wrapped white string around and attached to a necklace chain to make a cute necklace.

These were made from the center of two floppy disks and pieces of a pair of earrings that I wouldn't wear.

I made these earrings out of the corners of a floppy disk and the earring hooks are from a pair of ugly earrings that I would never wear.

This is the necklace I made out of the frames from a pair of RealD 3D glasses from the movie theater.

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